Below the fold

My first post.  On my first blog.  It’s really not a stretch for me, I’m a professional storyteller.  A corporate historian.  I get paid to communicate.

So why did it take me so long?  Well, I thought about writing a PR-themed blog or more specifically, a toy PR-themed blog about my work with Razor.  Because every legitimate PR person should have a blog about PR, right?  Actually, the world doesn’t need another blog about PR.  Trust me, I read a lot of them.

Much of my time is spent communicating to the public, pounding out key messages, press releases, strategy plans, pitches and newsletters, all with a clear objective in mind.  But I’m giving myself permission to enter this writing space with freedom.  I have no intentions to entertain, educate or inspire people.  Lots of folks are already doing that very well.  My only agenda is to create a familiography, recording those silly conversations, priceless photos and tear-jerker milestones that make my mother’s heart swoon.  It’s hardly newsworthy or scandalous.  It will likely bore anyone besides my own Mother and will certainly lack perfect AP-style.  But it’s the most important story I’ll ever write.  Just living life in Liberty Canyon and pursuing happiness.  With a good man, three kids and lots of laughs.  Welcome to Life in Liberty Canyon.


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