Celebration Tree

The Celebration Tree.  My mom always had one.  She assembled it from fallen branches, white spray paint and little white lights.  It stood about five-feet tall and was placed in our living room.  That was long before trendy home stores started selling a similar look.

My Celebration Tree is one of my very favorite things in my home.  It stands tall and proud, filling the open space of the vaulted ceilings.  I made it about four years ago, to help decorate a friend’s baby shower.  I was on the lookout for the perfect branches and found them on the side of Agoura Road.  It quickly became my supermodel for seasonal fashions.

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The Celebration Tree collection includes:

  • Hearts for Valentine’s Day
  • Easter eggs for Easter
  • Butterflies for Spring
  • Seashells for Summer
  • Squirrels for Autumn
  • Pumpkins for Halloween
  • Fall Leaves and turkeys for Thanksgiving
  • Santa ornaments for Christmas
  • And various items to match party themes

My kids love to decorate the Celebration Tree.  They get so excited , but I admit, it’s hard for me to relinquish control of it.  Because, you know, indoor tree decor is so supremely important.  It’s partly because I’m a recovering control freak, and partly because I’m afraid it will look imperfect – either overcrowded or sparse.  But mostly because I enjoy decorating it so much myself.

This week we (finally) pulled out the Easter decorations and the kids insisted on placing the Easter eggs and butterflies on the Celebration Tree all by themselves.  They worked together so nicely, with kind words of encouragement and happy hearts.  Jack and Sophia even helped Olivia up and down the stool.  I really loved standing back and watching them work together.  I did not place one thing on the tree.  And it looks perfect.

Mama Nugget:  Control doesn’t always create perfection.

Happy Easter!


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