Easter 2010

We spent Easter with our Utah family this year.  We missed Uncle Mat, Uncle John and Noah who weren’t able to be there.  The rest of us met in Mesquite, Nevada which is exactly half way between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City.

My family used to go to Mesquite for Spring Break when I was younger.  It was a warm weather respite from the overextended spring snow storms along the Wasatch Front.  We would swim all day and hit the arcade at night.  So my sisters and I were reliving our youth, only this time we were the Moms, with eight kids between us.

Between swimming and running around the hotel, all the cousins had a blast together.

There’s just something so thrilling about staying in a hotel when you’re a kid.  Ordering room service and using the mini ketchup bottles.  Watching movies in bed.  Running down the hallway to find the ice machine.  And of course, jumping on the beds.

The Easter Bunny managed to find our hotel rooms and we woke up to an in-room Easter Egg Hunt including special golden eggs with $20 bills tucked inside – whaaat?!  It was a candy extravaganza and the kids were in heaven!

The girls also joined in on the hotel’s Easter Egg Hunt.  Jack thinks he’s a teenager when he’s with his teen boy cousins, Jase, Taran and Rami, all of whom were too cool to hunt for eggs in public.

(I think it’s hilarious that they were given casino buckets for the Easter Egg Hunt.)

It was a non-traditional Easter – no church, no Honey-Baked ham and no matching Easter outfits.  If you know me, you know I had already bought the most adorable matching Easter outfits months before Easter.  Yes, I’m one of those cheesy Moms that makes her kids wear matching holiday outfits.  It’s all about the photo opp.  And I confess, I was really distraught over the fact that my kids would not be wearing those darling Easter outfits.  This is a good example of my control freakishness.  But I came to terms with it and decided the outfits could wait to make their appearance on Mother’s Day.

This year,  instead of surrounding ourselves with traditions, we spent Easter Day surrounded by family.  And fun.  By the pool.

Now that’s a tradition worth repeating.


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