Two Years

I can’t believe our sweet Olivia Rose is two-years-old now.  It seems like just yesterday when we brought her home from the hospital.  The baby and toddler years are so precious to me. Mothering my third child, I am acutely aware of how quickly these kids grow up.  This awareness, combined with the reality that Olivia very likely may be our last baby, makes it oh so hard to let her grow up.

Putting my mommy blues aside, it was a joy to celebrate Olivia on her special day.  Since we hosted a big “Livy Lamb” party for her one-year birthday last year, we decided to make it a more intimate family celebration weekend at Disneyland – just the five of us.  Olivia has formed an affection for “Missy Mouse” (which she calls both Minnie and Mickey Mouse), and she was so excited to go to “Missy Mouse’s house” for her birthday.  And of course, big brother and sister were equally as excited.

We started her day with a Breakfast Birthday Party in our hotel room.  She blew out two candles on a doughnut and opened some presents.

Once we entered The Happiest Place on Earth and got the official Happy Birthday button, we enjoyed the Disneyland Marching Band.  Livy clapped along to the happy songs.

We let Olivia be boss-for-the-day and she chose the Mad Tea Party Teacups for our first ride.  She has always been a girl that knows what she wants, making a special request for a pink Teacup.

Mission accomplished.

She loved riding King Arthur’s Carousel in Fantasyland.

And was thrilled when we saw Mickey and Minnie Mouse in the parade, Celebrate! A Street Party.

To top it off, “Missy Mouse” appeared and sang Happy Birthday, then we all made birthday cakes (which cost us $15 each and tasted like cardboard).

Then we ran around outside the park, tossed Jack’s souvenir football and giggled.

And of course, we made her pose in the “O.”

We finished the day with pizza and swimming at the hotel pool.  It was a magical day celebrating together as a family.  I adore Olivia’s happy heart and generous smiles.  She has brought so much love and happiness to our family and she helps make our little home The Happiest Place on Earth.  Happy Birthday, Olivia Rose!

Note: this post will be updated with some stinkin’ cute video, just as soon as I can figure that out.


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