Magic Apple

Thanks to a “Magic Apple,” Sophia lost her first tooth on April 30, 2010.

It came as a shocker.  I’ve always expected Jack’s teeth to fall out after watching him wiggle and wiggle and wiggle those little teeth for about a week before they finally give way to dental deliverance.  But Sophie has not been wiggling or showing off her loose tooth, so I wasn’t prepared for this big kid milestone.

Sophia was at school and eating an apple that was packed in her school lunch bag.  Here’s the story in her words.

I was eating my apple and felt something hard and I thought it was an apple seed.  So I took it out of my mouth and at first I thought it was an apple seed, but then I said, “Wait, that’s not an apple seed, that’s my tooth!”  This must be a magic apple!

She was so thrilled to share the news with Daddy when he picked her up from school.  (I joined Jack’s first grade field trip so TJ was in charge of the girls.)  And when I got  home she jumped off the couch with a her newly toothless grin, so proud to tell me the exciting event of the day.  Then we drove to Modesto, California that afternoon, for the Stephens family reunion.  The Tooth Fairy was super sneaky to find Sophia and her tiny tooth in the hotel.  She was awarded $10 plus a nickel and five pennies for that pearly white gem.

She didn’t leave a note for the Tooth Fairy like her big brother often does.  Jack usually asks the Tooth Fairy to leave the tooth so he can share it with his class.  But Sophia explained that since she lost her tooth at school, she didn’t need to take it back to show her class.  (I’ve noticed that Sophia does not hold onto things too tightly.  That makes me happy – after countless prayers for her to have a strong spirit of freedom.)

It’s just a little teeny, tiny tooth.  But it’s the beginning of a huge change for my little girl.  A shift from little to big kid, and I’m not sure I’m ready for that to happen.  It’s a bittersweet thing to watch those sweet baby teeth fall out.  We worked hard for those teeth.  Lots of drool, diarrhea and diaper rash.  I remember how Sophia would get rosy cheeks when she was teething.  She didn’t fuss too much, but the rosy cheeks would follow with diarrhea and diaper rash.  Miss Ana taught me the best cure for diaper rash was Vaseline, so baby Fifi got lots of petroleum jelly on her little bum while those baby teeth erupted.

I love photos featuring my kids’ baby teeth grins.  And I just adore Sophia’s smile.  She really has a great smile and those little teeth fit her petite features like that perfect little nose.  Here’s the proof.

Sophia's smile age 3

As her first permanent tooth grows in, it will certainly change her smile.  But even more, it will mark a new chapter of growth for Sophia as a young girl on her way to becoming the woman that she was created to be.

Toothless smile age 5

Mama Nugget:  Share lots of smiles with those baby teeth before the Tooth Fairy flies away with them and beckons the big kid years.


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