Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

It’s Mother’s Day today and I am thinking about you.  I remember growing up and almost every Mother’s Day was spent gardening with you.  That was your Mother’s Day wish.  Some fresh soil, flats of annuals and your kids help pulling weeds, digging up the dirt and planting flowers.  I didn’t understand why you wanted to spend your Mother’s Day working.  Of course, you didn’t have a husband to make grand plans for brunch and pampering.  But even so, for you, a day spent gardening was just as grand.

Now I get it.  You were created to nurture, like a gardener nurtures a garden. From seedlings and planting, to flowers and pruning. You nurtured your children with unconditional love and unending support.  You always saw our potential and provided what we needed to thrive in the garden of life.  You showered us with praise. You grew our self-confidence with two parts encouragement and one part pruning.  You appreciated and celebrated our beauty.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  And happy gardening!  I can’t wait to see your summer garden.

With love and gratitude,

Your Daughter


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