Mother’s Day 2010

It was a lovely day. I woke up to my favorites.  A vanilla Ice Blended from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and donuts from Best Donuts.  In bed.  TJ drove all over town at 6 am for that awesomeness.  But even better, I was proudly presented with some beautiful artwork, letters and handmade treasures.  For me, this stuff is what it’s all about.

After the morning sugar high, I cashed in my Mother’s Day tokens for a family photo shoot.  It’s really very strategic of me.  Normally, a family photo shoot is next to impossible.  Jack doesn’t want to dress up.  Sophia doesn’t want to smile.  Olivia doesn’t want to hold still.  And TJ just wants the whole thing to go away.  But I told them it was my Mother’s Day wish and it worked like magic.  Moms everywhere, I highly recommend this strategy.

We went to a local park and thanks to “May Gray,” I was thrilled to find that perfect gray lighting that photographers dream of.   I joined the kids for some of the shots, but I mostly wanted photos of the three of them together and I was happy to get lost behind my camera lens.  This photo shoot made my day.

After the photo shoot extravaganza, we went to church before heading out to the beach.  The beach is one my favorite places to be with my kids.  Last year on Mother’s Day, we went to the beach and experienced a once-in-a-lifetime dolphin show right in front of us.  I’ll never forget it.  We were all screaming in amazement while about eight dolphins dazzled us.  They weren’t just surfing the waves, they were jumping clear out of the water.  They were playing and rejoicing.  And of course, I imagined it was a mama dolphin playing with her family on Mother’s Day.  I knew it was against all odds to repeat such a performance, but we did experience some all-natural drama at the beach this year, though not nearly as enjoyable.

We settled on Malibu’s Westward Beach but it was crazy windy.  The kids played in the sand for a while until it became unbearable.  So we all huddled under a big blanket, listening to the pelting sand and giggling while we snacked on Wheat Thins.  Finally, Jack said, “Can we go home now?”  That was our cue.

We had dinner at Coral Beach Cantina where I enjoyed a Mama Margarita (or two).  It was a lovely day.

I am so blessed to walk this journey of motherhood.  With three beautiful children and an amazing husband.   That’s the irony of Mother’s Day.  Put aside all the breakfasts-in-bed, jewelry and artwork, it is the greatest gift just to be called “Mom.”


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