School Pride

This week we went to Jack’s school Open House and we couldn’t be more proud.  I am always amazed at the amount of completed work they bring home.  But to see the writing journals perfectly bound and the artwork beautifully displayed was truly inspiring.  Jack has really thrived in the classroom this year, excelling especially in reading, writing and art.  I love it when he busts out his first grade trivia which often trumps his Mom’s knowledge base.  Did you know golden eagles have hollow bones?  One First Grade assignment was a report and diorama on an animal of their choice.  Jack did his on the golden eagle.  His report and diorama were awesome and completed 100% by himself.  Sure, there were more impressive looking diorama’s on display (thanks to those parents), but Jack’s confidence and independence make me so proud.  Here’s a sampling of Jack’s work in First Grade.

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Mama Nugget:  Let their work be their own.  Resist the urge to make-over school projects with your clever adult skills.  They don’t hand out Mom Awards for that.


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