Strawberry Fields

It is strawberry season in Southern California and they are everywhere.  At the local Farmer’s Markets.  In the truck, under the umbrella, on the side of Malibu Canyon.  You can even buy them on busy street corners, like purses in New York City, but not fake.  They are bountiful, beautiful and beyond delicious.

Last week, Sophia’s school went on a field trip to Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark.  Each year, the Montessori school takes their students on the strawberry picking field trip.  And of course, I couldn’t miss out on the delicious fun.  Underwood is a little piece of heaven off Highway 23.  It’s the destination of one of my favorite local family fun outings.  The gardens are massive, perfectly designed and beautifully landscaped.  You can pick-your-own fruits, vegetables and flowers, depending on the season.  But this time, we were on a mission for strawberries.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather – sunny and warm with a cool breeze.  Everything felt fresh after a surprising rain shower the day before.  The wagon ride was fun (though not as exciting as the bus ride) and the kids were so excited to arrive in strawberry utopia.

We were not disappointed.  A ridiculous amount of big, red, beautiful strawberries were waiting for us.  They were overflowing between the rows and peeking out from under the lush leaves.

We ate more than we took home.  The kids were so stinkin’ cute, devouring one after the other, then tossing the stems into the green field.  And I’m not gonna lie, I ate at least a dozen.  Probably more.  They were warm from the sun and sweeter than candy (which says a lot coming from this sweet tooth).

The younger children’s heads barely popped above the plants when they bent down to search for the red treasures.

Sophia and her friends frolicked in the fields as they filled up their baskets.  Then ate some more while I went click crazy behind my camera lens.

After the picking extravaganza, we had lunch together, fed the farm animals, then climbed through the wooden train.  Then we headed home with our prize berries.

It was the perfect field trip.  These California kids are pretty lucky.

Mama nugget:  Take a cue from the farmers and harvest your seasonal fruits.  Indulge in each sweet memory and milestone – tiny steps, first words, gymnastics tricks, sweet snuggles.  Take inventory of your family crop and enjoy the harvest!


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