Zuma Treasures

We spent Memorial Day at the beach.  Spending a day at the beach is one of my all-time favorite things to do with my kids.  It’s probably the easiest place to keep all my kids happy for more than 30 minutes.  We can spend six hours at the beach without a single tantrum or time-out.  They play together best at the beach.  They get good exercise running around.  They entertain themselves without electronics.  They let me sit on a beach chair and relax (well, kinda).  And most importantly, they are happy.  We’re so lucky to live just 17.8 miles (and three tunnels on Kanan Dume Road) from Zuma Beach, a little slice of heaven on earth where the surf meets the sand.

It was a glorious day at the beach, with just-right temperatures and golden sunshine bouncing off the blue horizon.  We spotted seals in the surf and dolphins just beyond the waves.  But our regular seaside stomping grounds looked different this visit.  And not just because the lifeguard stations got a colorful coat of paint on their ramps and railings, which I love.


It was different because the beach was covered in rocks.  Massive expanses of rocks.  If you know Zuma Beach, you know it as a huge stretch of sand from PCH to H2O.  The kids noticed the difference right away, and of course my curiosity was killing me.   Where did all the rocks come from?  TJ had a brilliant hypothesis.  The state’s budget cuts mean they can’t comb the beach anymore.  But I had to go to the source.  The lifeguard informed me that the heavy winds this spring literally blew all the sand away.  Those rocks have always been there, but they’ve been covered with tons and tons of sand.

“Where did all that sand go?” I asked.  In the parking lot.  And to the south beach, since the wind blows from north to south and Station 12 is at the northern end of the beach.

But the rocks didn’t damper our beach fun.  They actually made it even more magical.  The seashells, rocks and sea glass we found were unbelievable.  The old Zuma landscape offered nearly impossible seashell hunting conditions.  But the new Zuma is a treasure hunter’s paradise.

On Memorial Day, we came home with an amazing collection of buried treasures.  44 ounces worth.

Mama Nugget:  Brace yourself for the sandstorms of motherhood – always moving and changing.  Then collect the hidden treasures that may be revealed.


4 responses to “Zuma Treasures

  1. Love this Sheena. The pictures are amazing.

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