The Lemonade Stand

I love good, old-fashioned fun.  And the summer season is bursting with it, especially for kids.  Sprinkler running.  Chalk coloring.  Bug catching.  Bubble blowing.  Some things never change.  I watch my kids enjoy the timeless treasures of summertime and I’m splashed with memories of my own childhood.

One of my favorites is the classic lemonade stand.  Which often appears as a snow cone stand around here.

Jack has always been a little entrepreneur so he’s all about the lemonade stand.  He even works the up-sell sometimes, with a choice of small or large.  Last year, he created a bug/reptile stand to sell caterpillars and lizards he caught in our yard.  Sophia is just in it for the fun, happy to sip away the earnings and draw snow cones on the curb with chalk.  Olivia is usually napping during the afternoon’s prime selling time.

Notice the Bitburger (beer) chalkboard pub sign that TJ inherited from Agoura’s now defunct Casa Rea bar.  Just good, old-fashioned fun here in Liberty Canyon.

Mama Nugget:  Never pass up a lemonade stand without purchasing.  I know it’s not your regular Starbuck’s cup-o-chill, but you’ll make a kid’s day with just a couple quarters.  And maybe even encourage a future Etsy entrepreneur or Fortune 500 CEO.


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