Adventures in the Rainforest

Jack and Sophia had a blast at the Rainforest this summer.  SonQuest Rainforest, that is.

Each year, the kids look forward to joining a fun week at Camp Epaga, also known as VBS (Vacation Bible School).  Our church hosts an amazing VBS program, a week’s worth of kid fun including games, water days (with crazy waterslides), backwards day, snacks, crazy hat day,  singing (with super cute choreography) and Bible lessons.  The campers even raised money to help a kids camp facility in the mountains that was burned down and in need of repairs.

Jack and his buddy Liam were on the Blue Macaws team.  Jack’s favorite part was the huge waterslide.

Sophia and her friend Oona were on the Purple Piranhas team.  Sophie’s favorite part was coloring.

Some pretty amazing volunteers dedicated an entire week of their lives to make this happen.  They do it year after year.  And they deserve a reward as big as the Rainforest is green.  Thank you, Mrs. Smith, Miss Kelcie, Mr. Wood, Mrs. Krieger, Mrs. Brookman and the list goes on and on.  Thank you for pouring into these children and making it so fun they want to come back every year.

So until next year’s Camp Epaga, we’ll remember SonQuest Rainforest as we drive around town, singing along to the camp songs and doing the choreographed motions in our car seats.


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