School Daze

Well, we’re back to the school grind.  The summer went by like a flash.  Too fast.  But we did summer!  We carpe diemed summer.  It was a fun summer and I’ll especially miss those glorious Beach Days with my kids.  God speed June 2011.

But alas, it’s September and we’re slowly getting back into the school routine.  I won’t lie, it’s not an easy transition and we’ve all been a little cranky lately.  I’m just not one of those Moms who can’t wait for their kids to go back to school.  I try to be Fun Mom as much as possible, and it’s much easier without the constant pressure of bedtime and homework and lunch making and paper shuffling and morning rush madness.

Grumblings aside, it is nice to have both Jack and Sophia at the same school this year.  And I’m excited to see what this school year holds.  I can’t believe how big these kids are now!

Sophia is in Kindergarten.  Yes, again.  It’s that fall-birthday-waiting-game thing because the silly California cut-off is December 1st instead of September 1st.  We did the same thing with November-born Jack.  So we’re calling it “Senior Kindergarten” and we’re encouraging her to be a leader and a helper.

Sophia has a lovely teacher for Kindergarten.  And 20 classmates, including triplet brothers!  She’s made some new friends in her class and seems to be adjusting to the much bigger school very smoothly.  I’m excited to see our Kindergartener thrive in a new place and form some wonderful, lasting friendships.

Jack started Second Grade and has a great teacher as well.  We will go to back-to-school night this week to get to know her better.  

Jack and his classmates look so grown-up, sitting in individual desks now, with their own school supplies, and not just a big table with community crayons for five kids to share.  I’m excited to see our Second Grader flourish this year, with new academic challenges and opportunities to be a leader.

So while the 6am wake-up call is brutal for this family of sleeping-inners, it’s time to embrace a new school year with an A+ attitude!  … Just as soon as I can get another latte.

Mama Nugget:  My standard back-to-school night question for the teacher is this, “Will you please tell us why our children are lucky to be in your class?”  Among a sea of questions about school supplies and schedules, this question always seems to make them pause.  But it helps get to the heart of the teacher and their personal teaching style which is what I’m most interested in.  Go ahead, try it!


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