Pinkies Up! Celebrating Sophia

Our first baby girl is now six years-old.  (Wistful sigh.)  So last weekend, we celebrated Sophia’s birthday with a Little Ladies Tea Party.  It was a special day to celebrate and honor our beautiful girl.

From Sophia 6th Birthday Party

Sophie eagerly anticipated this birthday more than any other.  She was counting down the days, 78 days before her birthday!  She taped a countdown chart next to her bed and crossed off one number every night, for 78 days.

Needless to say, she was so excited about her party.  We hosted 16 little ladies and their dolls (or stuffed animals) for a proper tea party, all pink and girlie and fanciful!

When the little ladies arrived, they each chose a girl/doll matching apron set, which is, of course, entirely necessary for the mini cooking class we had planned. The girls and their dolls looked so, so darling in their little aprons.

It was fun to bust out my lonely sewing machine and make the aprons.  And believe it or not, I had enough fabric in storage to make 20 sets of these cute little gems, thanks to baby blanket sewing projects that were never finished – or started.  Very special thanks to Nana, who arrived in town the day before and helped me finish the bigger-than-anticipated sewing project.


And since every tea party requires “pinkies up,” we thought those pinkies might as well be painted pretty!  So the first party activity was manicures.  Sophia’s sweet cousins, Ashley and Emily, were our party helpers, and between the two of them, they painted 160 little fingernails.  The girls loved it!

Next up was the mini cooking class where the girls each made their own tea sandwiches.  We skipped the traditional cucumber sandwich and made turkey and cheese with their choice of cookie cutter shapes including butterfly, flower, heart and teapot.

The tea party commenced with pink lemonade “tea” overflowing from their tea cups.  Sophia had a special bell to ring when any of her guests needed their tea cups filled.  Another sweet party helper, Gaby, helped refill tea cups for the very thirsty little ladies.  And each girl’s doll received a mini tea cup for pretend drinking, but most of the girls preferred to drink out of the teeny, tiny cup themselves.   Too cute!

After the tea sandwiches, the menu included teapot-shaped scones with devonshire cream and strawberry jam, followed by strawberries with chocolate dip.  And even more pink lemonade.

We played a game too, the Sugar Cube Relay Race.  It was actually harder than you’d think to walk quickly carrying a sugar cube on a demitasse spoon.  The game was kind of a flop.  Maybe because it was really hot in the afternoon sun of the front yard, or maybe because the girls were more interested in eating the sugar cubes.  Oh well.

Then it was time to cut the cake.  Sophia requested a pink layer cake and she helped me decorate it by adding the candy border around the layers.  I ran out of time to really decorate the cake so I just plopped one of my pretty tea cups on top and added some roses to the cup.  She loved it!

It was a special day for our girl, with a sweet group of little ladies to share in the celebration.  Sophie really enjoyed playing with her friends – new and old friends alike.  Thank you to our friends and family for joining us, helping us and loving Sophia.  And for those far away, we missed you.

I hope she’ll have sweet memories of her Little Ladies Tea Party.  And I hope she’ll have many, many more sweet memories of her life as a six-year-old.


9 responses to “Pinkies Up! Celebrating Sophia


    The pictures are AMAZING!

    I want to come and live with you. 🙂

  2. oh my gosh, what a lucky little lady! that looked like the best birthday party ever!! i’d like to come live with you too!! happy 6th birthday to sophia! xx

  3. What an adorable party! Girls are so much fun!

  4. Its amazing all things you do for your family… makes me sad thinking we missed this wonderful event, but I am sure is not the last one… you are great! miss you… see you soon, we are counting the days!… love you all!

  5. amazing! you are the most fun mom! I love all the details and the pics are beautiful! I wish I were around to help you sew and decorate (k- I don’t know how to sew, but you could show me and then I could help 🙂 I love you girl! and I love little Livey in her skivies in the group shot!!

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