Halloween Haps

Oh Halloween, we love you!  You inspire our imaginations with fanciful costumes and spooky scenes.  You invite silliness, giggles and sweet treats, and we love you for it!

From Halloween 2010

(You can click on collage images to view larger.)

We initiated the Halloween season at the Calabasas Pumpkin Festival.   Good times.  Did you know Calabasas means pumpkin en espanol?

We never made it out to the Underwood Family Farms pumpkin patch this year, but we visited a local pumpkin patch for the annual pumpkin photo shoot.  Olivia was acting like a little goblin that afternoon.  A two-year-old goblin.

Here’s a flashback to pumpkin photo shoots of years past.

We welcomed Halloween week by way of a homespun Halloween party with our dear friends.  We ate fun Halloween-inspired foods, made caramel apples and practiced trick-or-treating throughout the house.  Stacy created the whole touch-the-creepy-feeling-foods game, which scared the crap out of Olivia, but Jack and Sophia ate it up.  Oh, and we even had spooky dry ice in the centerpiece cauldron.  Super fun!

For Halloween costumes this year, the little ladies were ladybugs. The cutest little ladybugs EVER.  I came home with a ladybug costume for Olivia, and Sophia insisted on one for herself.  Perfect!  Oh, I adore these lovely ladybugs!

Jack hit the big kid scary Halloween costume phase this year.  Opting out of the catalog costumes, he wanted to be a toilet paper mummy.  Actually, a skateboarding toilet paper mummy.  We explained that the toilet paper would not last past the first neighbor’s door and we compromised with gauze bandages instead of toilet paper.

We had fun carving pumpkins. Jack is the King of the jack-o-lantern around here.

And we made some Halloween treats, like these darling BOO Cakes and Goblins.

We got BOO-ed by some anonymous neighbors.  And in return, we delivered BOO bags to three neighbors. The kids love the doorbell ditching part.

Then the official Halloween fun started.  Trick-or-treating was a blast.   Jack was on the speed course with his buddies (thanks to Joyce).

But the girls and I stayed close to home with some cute little friends.  It was a ladybug party!

It is such a treat seeing all our neighbor friends on Halloween.

And I just love this image, capturing the trick-or-treating whirlwind.

Our neighborhood in Liberty Canyon is quiet and peaceful, but it goes crazy twice a year. Once on the Fourth of July. And then on Halloween.  Our street is packed every Halloween.  I’m talkin’ 450 trick-or-treaters!  Probably because it’s a long, flat street, with houses close together, the perfect combination for efficient trick-or-treating.  And one family even creates an unbelievable haunted house that attracts a line around the block.  New neighbors on our street were told to buy $200 worth of candy to prepare for the onslaught of costumed kids.

We actually don’t buy candy because we do things a little differently at our house.   In 2006, T.J. started a Halloween tradition to serve hot cocoa to trick-or-treaters.  We set up a hot cocoa bar on our driveway, complete with whipped cream for the kids and Bailey’s or Butterscotch Schnapps for the adults.  Oh, and we have a fire pit for roasting marshmallows too.  People love it, so we keep doing it.   The dynamic it creates is really pretty cool. People hang around, sipping their cocoa and roasting marshmallows.  Kids hold still for a moment.  Parents exhale. People talk to each other.

Like every year, Auntie Julie and Greg were there to serve up the hot cocoa. They saved the Day! (Pun intended… their last name is Day.)

Gram and Grampy supervised the fire pit. Thanks for joining the festivities, Gram and Grampy!

It was a great night.  Traditions were followed. Memories were made.  Fun was had.

And of course, candy was sorted, traded and devoured!

We’ll see ya next year, Halloween.



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