The Merry Mission: 24 Days of Festive Family Fun

This year, we intend to fully embrace the Christmas spirit together as a family, every day of the Christmas season.  Every day from December 1st until the 25th.

We all know December is a crazy busy month and can easily become consumed with all the logistics of decorating, hosting, attending, shopping, wrapping and traveling – phew!  Not to mention life/work/school in general.  It can all be overwhelming enough to dim the glow of the Christmas spirit.  And before we know it, the month is over and we’re wishing for a re-do.  I know, I’ve been there.

So in an effort to create warm memories and lasting Christmas traditions while our little ones are too young to think they’re too cool, we are on a 24-day mission. The Merry Mission.

From the simple to the spectacular, our mission is full of festive family fun.  It’s really not as serious as the title assumes.  Just a simple, daily reminder to be present.  Not to get all wrapped up in the craziness, but to embrace and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.  Because being present is the greatest gift we can give to our families.  And ourselves.

So here goes!… (deep breath)

The Merry Mission:

  • December 1st – Advent calendar (chocolate) kick-off and decorate our Christmas tree
  • December 2nd – Write a letter to Santa
  • December 3rd – Make Santa hat pizzas and watch a Christmas movie with friends (Polar Express)
  • December 4th – Visit Santa
  • December 5th – Set-up Nativity and read the story of the First Christmas
  • December 6th – Make Gingerbread house (the kit from Trader Joe’s is adorable)
  • December 7th – Sing Christmas carols
  • December 8th – Family game night
  • December 9th – Christmas crafting
  • December 10th – Cousin’s Club and Christmas party with the Stephens
  • December 11th – Disneyland with Razor (I know, awesome company holiday party, huh!)
  • December 12th – The Bethlehem Experience
  • December 13th – Make Christmas cookies
  • December 14th – Read Christmas books
  • December 15th – Deliver Christmas cookies to neighbors
  • December 16th (Mama Sheena’s Birthday!) – Ice skating at The Lakes
  • December 17th – Christmas movie night
  • December 18th – Christmas crafting
  • December 19th – The Nutcracker
  • December 20th – Disneyland with friends
  • December 21st – Disneyland with friends
  • December 22nd – Christmas movie marathon (while parents pack for road trip)
  • December 23rd – Christmas carolling in the car
  • December 24th – Arrive in Utah for a white Christmas, build a snowman and perform a Nativity Play with Utah cousins (Sophie has already claimed the role of a wise man)
  • December 25th – CHRISTMAS!

Mama Nugget:  When they’re all grown up, the gifts will be forgotten but the sweet memories of celebrating Christmas with family and friends will remain.


8 responses to “The Merry Mission: 24 Days of Festive Family Fun

  1. Love Love Love it! Only you can pull off a whole month of daily festivities!! The family photo is stunning – especially you hot Moma!!

  2. oh my gosh, raeanne just said exactly what i was going to say!! what a brilliant idea, i’m going to store that one for when oliver is a little older. x

  3. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing that:) you are amazing!
    My Best

  4. Wow! love this!! i found your blog from Not My Own blog and hopped on over here. I’m actually have a blog party about traditions right now too. would love for you to link up!

    hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas!

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