I finally did it.  It’s something I’ve thought about doing for at least five years.  And if you know me well, you’ve heard me talk about it before.  So what was I waiting for?  I don’t know, but I know that when my birthday rolled around last month, the number was closer to 40 than 30.  And something about that number made me feel like I should do some of the things that I’ve always wanted to do.  Cuz I’m not getting any younger.  So the day after my birthday, I did it.

Yep, I got my nose pierced.  I have a tiny diamond sparkle on my right nostril.  Why?  I’ve always thought it was pretty.  Sparkly and pretty.  That’s why.  Isn’t that why women wear earrings?  And necklaces.   And bracelets.  No major personal statement, just something pretty and sparkly.  And different, at least for me.

I did a little research on nose piercings and learned that it has a Biblical reference.  When Abraham asked  his servant to find a wife for Isaac, one of the first gifts the servant gave Rebekah was a gold nose ring (Genesis 24).

And in India, it is a common belief in Ayuvedra (Indian medicine) that a nose piercing on the left nostril will make childbirth easier and lessen period pain.  The epidural worked just fine for me.

It’s been fun to see people’s reactions to my new nose sparkle.  My kids don’t seem to notice it, but Jack did request that I NOT wear a nose ring.  TJ was always cool with the idea.  And my Mom likes it too.  I can always remove it if I don’t want it anymore, but for now, I’m enjoying my 30-Something-Sparkle!

Mama Nugget:  Try something new this year.  A new hobby.  A new nail color.  A new haircut.  A new perfume.  A new exercise class.  A new restaurant.  Something to make you feel awake and alive.  Something to make you feel like the beautiful and creative woman you were created to be.  You’re never too old (or too mom-ish) to try something new and different.


9 responses to “30-Something-Sparkle

  1. WONDERFUL! I love it!

    As you know, tattoos are my thing. It feels good to do these things when you’re a mom; it’s something that’s just for US.

  2. Thanks, Kate!! Sorry I’ve been a flake, but I would love to do lunch/dinner… let’s make it happen in January! Next week?

  3. Jennifer Miller

    You go girl!!!!! I loved your nose sparkle. Thank you for sharing your heart. It’s what a lot of woman need to hear. Love you!!!!

  4. It only adds to your already fabulous sparkle! Love it and love even more that you finally did it! xoxoxo

  5. Love this! A couple of seasons ago on American Idol there was a chick with a pink streak in her hair and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

    • Thanks, Kim! You could totally pull that off! My niece has a pink streak in her blonde hair and it’s actually an extension-like piece so it can be removed easily.

  6. Love it!! you look great! I will really think about your mama nugget… thanks for sharing all of this… xoxo

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