Library Love

Did you know this week is National Library Week (April 10-16)?  I didn’t either until Jack was encouraged to participate in an essay contest at our local library, to celebrate the occasion.  The essay topic was, “What the Library means to me” and here’s what he wrote.  It cracks me up.  (And it took everything in me to not edit his writing after he typed it.)

Jack’s Library Essay

I love the library because I can do my homework in peace and I can read and check out books for free. It is helpful because honestly I don’t have a lot of money to buy books. At the library there are a lot of book clubs . In fact I am in a book club myself my teacher is Mrs.Grace I have read the spiderwick chronicles, diary of a wimpy kid, frindle, nightmare at the book fair, flat stanley, and im working on wuv bunnies from outers pace. And its the only place I can have peace and quiet cause I have two sisters! I also like the events. Truly, the library is a very special place. By Jack Stephens.

This past fall, Jack joined a 2nd Grade Book Club at our local library, including five other kids the same age and reading level.  (Thanks to an awesome Mama friend for organizing it!)  The Book Club meets monthly, at the library of course, and is facilitated by the Children’s Librarian, Ms. Grace.

Jack has always loved reading and he looks forward to his Book Club each month.  Of course, what’s not to love when Ms. Grace brings candy, seasonal party decor and homemade cookies to each meeting!  I love how she makes the library and reading a fun and exciting experience, even for an 8-year-old boy. And did I mention that it’s a free program?

At each meeting, Ms. Grace gives the kids some various book choices and asks the boys and girls to agree on a reading book for the next month.  And the library orders the books so we don’t have to buy all of them.  Some of the books we’ve read together, and some Jack’s read on his own.  I really enjoyed Frindle by Andrew Clements.

The parents don’t sit in on the meetings, but I’m guessing the kids’ Book Club conversations are not highly intellectual at this age.  But in the end, this experience will only help grow their love for reading and learning, and encourage independent thinking and communication skills.

And that is exactly why we are celebrating National Library Week.  To Ms. Grace and all the Librarians of the world, we raise our books to you!


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