Dear Mom (A Mother’s Day Letter)

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I’m thinking about you.  When I think about you and Mother’s Day, I always think about gardening.  I wrote about that last year and I will surely plant some flowers in your honor this weekend.

Today, I’m thinking about the amazing mother, grandmother and woman you are.  You are loving, encouraging, supportive, creative, strong, hard-working, loyal, beautiful and giving.

One of the things I love most about you is that you have taught me to embrace, create and enjoy beauty in this world.  From the simple to the spectacular.  Like folding freshly-washed, fluffy, white bath towels, that stack perfectly in a linen closet.  Like hosting an amazing celebration for a loved one, with over-the-top decorations and delicious food.  Like sipping morning coffee in the backyard, taking note of new blooms and hummingbird visitors.

On Mother’s Day, I get a little sad because we can’t be together to celebrate.  To do something special, or just sip some Mama Martinis together.  But I am thinking about all the wonderful times we’ve shared in the past year.  My children and I have been blessed with an abundance of Mom/Nana time and I am so grateful.  I’m remembering…

Easter weekend swimming and hangin’ out (April 2010).

The Liberty Canyon Fourth of July parade (July 2010).

Walking on the beach (July 2010).

Lake Powell laughs and adventure (August 2010).

Celebrating Sophia’s 6th birthday (September 2010).

Visiting the American Girl store (September 2010).

Celebrating Jack’s 8th birthday (November 2010).

Christmas memories and fun in the snow (December 2010).

Celebrating Olivia’s 3rd birthday (April 2011).

I treasure these memories.  And look forward to many more in the years to come.  I am blessed to be your daughter and proud to call you Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you,

Your Daughter


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