Dear Sophia (A Letter to the Birthday Girl)

Dear Sophia,

Tomorrow you will become a seven-year-old. But tonight, you are still our six-year-old girl. Tonight, while you sleep peacefully on the top bunk bed in your beach-themed bedroom.  Tonight, with your summer-kissed skin glowing in the light of the nearby fish tank, and your silky hair falling across your cheek, I am treasuring my beautiful six-year-old girl.

I’m remembering the day we brought you home from the hospital. You were just two days old with a full head of dark hair peeking out from under the white knit hat I bought for you in Italy only six weeks earlier.  We walked through the front door of our home, Daddy carrying you in your infant car seat while you slept and Jack smothering you with kisses. Nana took this picture of us.

I was happy to be home and settle into life as a family of four. I exhaled, feeling excited for you to wake up so I could introduce you to your nursery with freshly painted “Ballet Slipper Pink” walls and a dreamy white upholstered glider.

Then, as I looked outside the kitchen and into the backyard, I saw a heavenly-hued blue bird looking in at us. He just sat there, peacefully perched, peering in at our newborn baby girl. It wasn’t normal. Birds don’t normally do that. And I’d never seen this striking blue bird in our backyard before. That blue bird just stood still, looking in at our baby girl. In awe of our gift from God. It was one of those time-stands-still moments, standing still even long enough for me to grab the camera and take this picture.

Now I’m not one for being overly dramatic. But as dramatic and hokey as it sounds, I felt a connection with that blue bird. Like it understood how wonderfully made was our newborn baby girl. Like it understood the greatest miracles of God. Like it was sent to deliver a message.

And this is what I heard…

Your daughter, Sophia Noel, is wonderfully made by the Creator who loves her deeply. She is a gift from God. She is a thing of beauty. She is a free spirit. She has been promised a life of freedom – as free as a bird flying through the open sky. There are no limits, no boundaries to who she is and who she will become. She was born to fly. Don’t clip her wings. Love her and let her soar.

Sophia, you love this story of the blue bird. You get it. You treasure it.

A few months ago I took you on a “Mommy Date,” starting with croissants (your favorite food) and coffee (hot chocolate for you) at Champagne Bakery. We sat outside with our breakfast and chatted like girls do.  Then suddenly the blue bird appeared. It swooped down and landed on a nearby table, standing still. You lit up. Your heart fluttered. The moment stood still while your eyes filled with tears.  I like to think that blue bird delivered a message to you, reminding you that you are wonderfully made and deeply loved.

So tomorrow, as you turn seven-years-old, I will think about that heavenly-hued bird. I will be grateful for you, as a gift from God. I will appreciate your beauty. I will tell you that you are wonderfully made and deeply loved. I will pray for a spirit of freedom to fill your heart and your soul. And I will watch you soar!

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.  May all your birthday wishes come true!

I love you, as big as the ocean and all the way up to heaven!



2 responses to “Dear Sophia (A Letter to the Birthday Girl)

  1. Totally lovely: Sophia, you, this note.

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