The Kind of Man He Is

He is the kind of husband every woman dreams of spending her life with.  She will know kindness, patience and unconditional love.  And she will get butterflies when he looks at her from across the room.  Even after 18 years together.

He is the kind of Daddy every little girl deserves to have in her life.  She will dance silly dances with him and find the freedom to be herself.  She will wholeheartedly believe that her Daddy can fix anything.  She will feel cherished, protected and loved.

He is the kind of Father every boy deserves to have in his life.  He will always have a playmate, a coach and a constant source of encouragement.  He will learn the character of manhood from his Father’s example.  He will feel important, protected and loved.

He is the kind of friend everyone seeks.  They will invite him to their parties because he’s the guy that makes everything more fun.  They will laugh together, remembering good times, with a good drink in hand.

He’s the kind of neighbor everyone hopes for.  They will call on him for help – whether heavy lifting, locksmith, construction or legal skills – because he will never miss an opportunity to help a neighbor.

He is the kind of man that makes this world a better place.  That is the kind of man he is.

Happy Birthday to the man I love.


10 responses to “The Kind of Man He Is

  1. Aww! That brought a tear to my eye! You definitely found a keeper! He is a lucky man to have such a beautiful woman (both inside and out) as you for his wife! Love you guys xx

  2. So wonderful Sheena. You are both wonderful!

  3. What a loving tribute to a man who shines Jesus from his beautiful, one and only bride.

  4. Beautifully written Sheena!! ❤

  5. Wow, what a great statement! Your expression of love and admiration for TJ is so moving and makes Kathy and I very proud, not only of TJ but also of you. Your statement provides an affirmation as to why TJ chose you. You have a tremendous ability to thoughtfully express your thinking to others. You would make a great PR consultant!

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