As a PR professional, much of my time is spent communicating to the media and the public about great brands like Razor and Grocery Outlet.   My days are spent pounding out key messages, press releases, strategy plans, pitches and newsletters, all with a clear objective in mind.  I’m a professional storyteller.  A corporate historian.  I get paid to communicate.

But here, on this blog, I’m giving myself permission to write in freedom.  I have no intentions to motivate, entertain, educate or inspire people.  Lots of folks are already doing that very well.  My only agenda is to create a familiography, recording the everyday happenings, silly conversations, birthday parties, priceless photos, holiday traditions and tear-jerker milestones that make my heart swoon.  It’s completely self-indulgent.  And be warned, I might on occasion vent about the challenges of the family-work circus act and my control freak tendencies.

It’s hardly newsworthy or scandalous.  It will likely bore anyone besides my own mother and will certainly lack perfect AP-style.  But it’s the most important story I’ll ever write.  Just living life with family and friends.  Pursuing happiness with my man, three kids and lots of laughs.  Welcome to Life in Liberty Canyon.

Sheena Stephens ::  sheena@sheenapr.com


2 responses to “About

  1. Hey Sheena:

    Just discovered this blog, I love it, it’s great and your photography is wonderful. I have a liberty canyon blog too, but it’s not nearly as good or as beautiful. I did mention your Halloween hot chocolate this week in it though. Sorry to hear about your neighbor, was it the guy directly across from you, next to Wendy and Mark’s old house? I feel so badly, I didn’t know him, but I’ve said hi to him before.

    Love the trees you’re planting out front, they look great. Thanks for sharing all your thoughts.

    Cindy (the realtor with the haunted house)

    • Hi Cindy, and thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, it’s that time of year, to gear-up for a festive Halloween in Liberty Canyon! Maybe my kids will muster up the courage to brave your haunted house for the first time this year. See you soon!

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