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The Day Before October

October.  It stirs up feelings of Autumn.  Well, the Autumn I grew up with in Utah.  The smell of the cool, crisp air.  The sight of those glorious mountains washed in hues of red, orange and yellow.  Savory soups and hot cocoa.  And cozy sweaters.

I miss that season.  The one that comes after summer and before winter.  October in Southern California still throws me for a loop.  I’m ready for a change, a shift.  Ready to embrace Autumn with all the gusto it calls for.  But it doesn’t happen.  And I’m left feeling stuck in a rut of tank tops and air conditioning.

And then, on the day before October, this happens.  Perspective happens.  It happens when I take my kids to the beach on the day before October.

These kids aren’t stuck in the expectation of what should be.  They don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy this beautiful place we call home.

No, they aren’t stuck.

They run into the seasons of life.

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Photos taken at The Getty, Los Angeles, California

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